Protecting Your Online Information

You can find it online. That seems to be a common phrase used by just about everyone. This is because you can find basically everything you need online. While the Internet provides people an unparalleled level of convenience, there are some threats you need to be aware of and know how to defend against. Since basically everything is online now, people are making personal profiles, using their credit cards, and entering in their personal information. All of this opens people and their computers up to ransomware, viruses, and the potential to have their identity stolen. While all of this is the worst case scenario when going online, there are things you can do to protect yourself and ensure this does not happen to you. By following some basic online safety advice, you will not need to stress about getting a virus, ransomware, or having your information stolen.

One of the first lines of protection online is your password. This is why you need to make sure you build strong passwords to protect your information. Sadly many people use basic passwords that are easy to guess, such as 1234, and end up having their information stolen. When you are creating your password you should avoid information about yourself, your pets, or anything that is commonly known about you. By going with a random password using numbers, symbols, and lower and uppercase letters you can rest easy knowing you have a strong password. You will also need to watch out for ransomware.

Another important Internet safety tips is to avoid suspicious downloads. If you receive an email you are not expecting from someone you do not know, do not download anything or click on any of the links in this email. Also, you should avoid downloading anything off of a website that you are unfamiliar with or does not quite seem legitimate. These risky online behaviors open you and your computer up to ransomware, viruses, and other potentially expensive problems.

If you have any questions it is best to contact an IT support service. IT services are there to help your computer run properly and answer any of your questions. If you are unsure about anything, reaching out to IT support is always a good idea. This ensures you are safe and protected and not exposing yourself to potential issues.

While the Internet is incredibly fun, convenient, and easy to use, you should not take it for granted. Not everything online is safe which is why it is important to know some key Internet safety strategies. Having a secure password and avoiding suspicious downloads can go a long way to protecting your information. Just taking these simple steps and using IT services is a great way to safely and properly use the Internet. You will need a password strength test and a whole lot more just to be sure.

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